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OMG! One bite and you are totally hooked!!

I tried one of these apples a year ago and a school bazaar I exhibited at and after one bite I went straight back to buy more. They arn't cheap but they are the most delicious apples you have ever tasted-pure luxury!!! Yummy!

...easily the best caramel chocolate pecan apples ever tasted! Awesome!

Good news: Eden's Apples have arrived. We will enjoy them more than anyone can imagine!
I've already given the apples a long awaited taste test!! They are simply delicious! They're incredibly good! My husband just tasted them a few minutes ago, "...easily the best caramel chocolate pecan apples ever tasted! Awesome!"
Thanks for your attentiveness and daily follow though. That helped enormously.
Best in the new year and we look forward to ordering more in future!
Best Regards,
M. Harwell

M. Harwell
Amazon customer

Delicious and beautifully presented!

I'm totally delighted to write a little something about Eden’s Gourmet Apples. They are serious about their products and it shows - incredible hand-made chocolate and toffee crunchy fresh apples, they have different flavours and sizes. My favourite one is the one covered in chocolate and nuts, the one with Oreos is also tip top of my list, and they have a great variety of other chocolate dipped treats.
Did I mention their limited edition handcrafted seasonal apples? For Christmas, Valentines and costume made!
What's doubly cool about this company is that they will put together something special for you and they can deliver orders fresh next day, whether it be for a single person or let's say your entire company. I had some chocolate apples delivered to my office for Halloween and they were delicious and beautifully presented. I had also the pleasure to have them in one of my ART SHOWS for my Tv channel and they were an absolutely hit among the guest and personalities. They will take care of you, hands down. I'm both a personal and business customer, and I can tell you that they do a wonderful job in customer service as much as they do in the chocolate & apple department.

Rebeca Riofrio
Art in Fusion TV

Brilliant! Masterpiece! An original idea, a presentable gift, a delicious dessert. Worth a try!

Levente Rikter

I would definitely recommend

What a fabulous idea, the apples are absolutely delicious.. perfect balance of apple and chocolate. I would definitely recommend

Laura Lee
UK, London

One peice is not enough

The apples are a real treat! Juicy on the inside and a really creamy caramel on the outside. One peice is not enough

James Atkins
Cafe Rouge

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