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Amazing Gourmet Caramel Apple and Valentine Gift Ideas!

valentines chocolate apple gift

Don’t we all love the craze and fuss that comes along with Valentine’s Day? Lovebirds pecking, smooching and kissing everywhere! It’s always crazy and fun. So why not take advantage of this big day and kiss your way to your lover’s heart with a gift that is out of this world? You don’t have to sell an arm and a leg for that.

You simply need to think beyond your nose, though finding the perfect gift is no easy task.  Think outside the box and consider these simple yet amazing valentine gift ideas. If luck and fate be by your side, your lover will node to your gifts with a kiss!

 Thoughtful gifts take careful consideration, yet the impact is undeniably beautiful. If you’re looking to show that special someone just how much you care, we have several unique Valentines’ day gift ideas that go perfectly with our gourmet apples, and break the mould of traditional presents.

Gourmet Caramel Apples and Customised Items

 That feeling one gets after receiving a customised gift must be what prince Williams felt when Kate Middleton said ‘Yes!’  Customised gifts with a few words from her favourite song, an anniversary date, or simply both of your initials show care and consideration, bypassing the often flashy Valentine’s Day choices for something sweet and simple. It even gets better if the gift comes along with something as tasty as a basketful of gourmet caramel apples. Get that Valentine’s Day basket, fill it with gourmet caramel apples and something customised like a belt or clutch bag.


A good diamond ring or necklace whether customised or not can mean something beyond words for a woman. It does not end there. Girls love chocolate. You can, therefore, imagine what she’d feel when you surprise her with romantic gourmet caramel apples dipped in chocolate and another gift item with diamond jewellery. You could give her heart attack! (Pun intended!)

 A sweet and simple picnic

With just a bit of planning, a picnic at a favourite park or indoor garden is the perfect backdrop for Valentine’s Day.  Show just how much you know your lover by packing a basket full of her or his favourite foods and red wine. Make sure that the wine is highly rated by wine connoisseurs around the world.

valentine's picnic

Yes, swanky restaurants are certainly a treat, but unless you have a special attachment to specific establishment, they feel impersonal. A picnic allows for privacy, intimacy, and gives you the opportunity to put together something beautiful. And finishing off the meal with a caramel apple is always a good idea. To make it more romantic, add a ribbon on the gourmet caramel apple stick with an “I love you” note.

Carry it through the year

 You can turn the holiday of love into a memorable extravaganza, rife with presents galore, expensive reservations, and once-in-a-lifetime entertainment. Yet for someone you truly love, carrying your gifts throughout the year shows commitment and continuously keeps that special day in his or her mind. A romantic ideas package with set dates through the end of the year, from restaurants to spas, show tickets to a night at a bed and breakfast, carry the love through the next 10 months. Tailor your options to the person you love and his or her interests, and you’ll have an out-of-this-world gift that just keeps giving.


So what little trinkets should you add to your unique Valentine’s Day gift? Rather than a box of chocolates, opt for a selection of our gourmet apples. They’re just unique enough to strike a loving chord while still giving a nod to traditional Valentine’s fare. After that, all you need is a heart-felt “I love you”.

 Consider Flavours

Gourmet caramel apples come in a wide range of flavours. But like all lovers out there will tell you, some flavours are not that good for valentines. Unless, of course, your lover doesn’t not have a taste or is just coy, in which case he or she might need some classes for that.

Strawberries simply take the medal when it comes to top caramel gourmet apple flavours for Valentine’s Day.

Then remember the colour of the season. Red! So make your Valentine’s Day gift basket theme with red. From that gourmet caramel apple to wine, simply make everything red.  Do this, and you will make your lover’s heart flutter and his or her taste buds swoon!

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